Friday, February 27, 2009

Not Dancing with the Stars

Heidi had hoped to appear on this upcoming season of Dancing with the Stars on ABC, but she didn't get her wish. But talks were going on between herself and ABC. Maybe she'll get asked to do it next year when The Hills ends.

Jason's single again

LC's ex Jason Wahler has called off his engagement from Katja Decker Sadowski, 21. According to US Magazine Jason said he "decided to end my engagement, and it's an amicable split. We agreed we are both just too young to be considering getting married right now." Katja's parents want her to finish school first and that won't be until 2010, so I guess these two just could wait another year. Oh well...
Jason is currently shopping around trying to get his own dating reality show, Jason and the Cougars. Oh My!

Monday, February 16, 2009

NYC Fashion Week

Whitney and costars Erin Lucas and Samantha Swetra took a break from working the DVF runway show to relax and have some fun at the Alexander McQueen for Target launch party. It looks like Whitney is wearing her nightgown?!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Snoop Dog

Heidi and Spencer made an appearance on Snoop Dog's show Dogg After Dark on February 11th. Sorry I missed that, or maybe I'm not. If you don't have any Valentine's plans yet, don't forget that Heidi and Spencer are "hosting" a party at Pure Nightclub inside Caesar's Palace on Valentine's Night. I wonder what they'll be wearing?! Probably dollar tree lingerie!

Apart (for the first time ever)

This week Heidi and Spencer were spotted out WITHOUT each other! Gasp! Heidi went shopping and got her nails did while Spencer hung out with BRODY while filming scenes for The Hills. Guess Brody didn't have enough face time last season and is hanging out with Spencer. Maybe this is the start of the"divorce"!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


It looks like Heidi and Spencer scrapbook! They were seen at a Brentwood newsstand purchasing tons of tabloid magazines. I bet they buy every magazine that they are in and then spend their time scrapbooking it all together and scheming of more ways to get into the tabloids. What a great hobby.

Nike Ad?

I wonder if Heidi and Spencer have sweet-talked Nike into giving them some clothes to promote Nike since they were "working out" on the beach IN THE RAIN this week. It looks like a perfect Nike ad to me, right?!

Monday, February 9, 2009


I wonder how Audrina Patridge got the invite to the Grammy's? She did look pretty though. She wore a teal silk jersey Tadashi gown and paired it with an Alexander McQueen clutch. Too cute!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Headed to the Big D...

...and I don't mean Dallas! Looks like Spencer is planning events to create drama and a fake divorce to his and Heidi's fake marriage. A source close to Speidi said, "Spencer is masterminding the whole thing right now. He'll make sure people see him going in and out of a lawyer's office. Then he'll stage fake fights with Heidi for the cameras and talk on the show about getting married too young and pretend he's really conflicted. Spencer will push this as far as he can, but it will all be 100 percent fake. He loves Heidi and will never let her go. They're just always looking for a way to out-drama Lauren Conrad. It's their No. 1 goal in life!" Sounds like something Stephanie would say. Or Spencer say himself.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Audrina's New Man

According to the Daily News and PerezHilton Audrina has found herself a new man! Audrina has been dating Paris Hilton's ex and Good Charlotte rocker Benji Madden. We'll see how long it takes her to run back to Justin Bobby...

According to Audrina's Blog
"I'm getting a lot of calls today about a story that ran in a New York paper saying that I am now in a "romantic" relationship with Benji Madden.
I find it highly amusing, since I haven't seen him since December. I think Benji is a sweetheart and we're good friends, but we are definitely NOT dating!
Just wanted to clear that up!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

New York Times

The City article makes it into the New York Times:

February 3, 2009 --
"TWO of the pretty stars of the MTV reality series "The City" are horrified because producers are pressuring them to get into a hair-pulling, claws-bared catfight to boost the show's ratings.
It's no secret that MTV producers stage (or as they say, "reshoot") some scenes in their "reality" shows such as the Los Angeles-based "The Hills." But according to an insider on the Manhattan-based "The City," they're taking it to another level with stars Olivia Palermo and Whitney Port who both "work" in public relations for Diane von Furstenberg. "MTV wanted the girls to get into a physical fight at the DVF office," said our source. "Olivia was very disturbed by the request . . . The girls were both really uncomfortable." The source added that Port and Palermo both threatened to walk off the set if they were forced to participate in a fight scene.
"Even though people think their jobs at DVF aren't real, both girls are really excited to be working in the fashion world, and wouldn't want to be seen getting into a fight in a professional setting," the source said. "MTV responded to the protests by turning the 'fight' scene into an altercation at work, in which Olivia gets upset at Whitney's boyfriend Jay [Lyon] for showing up to a fund-raiser underdressed" - although, in fact, our insider says, "Olivia could care less about what Jay is wearing. "It's very hard for her because the show wants to portray her as mean and bitchy, and she just wants to be herself," our source said. "It's been really tough for her, but she can't quit because she's under contract." MTV said, "On Friday we shot with Whitney and Olivia at DVF, during which time no physical altercation took place. We would never encourage our talent to engage in that type of negative behavior." Palermo's rep said, "Of course the show is edited to heighten the entertainment value.""

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Lauren's Birthday!

Lauren turned 23 on Sunday February 1! She celebrated with friends at the Palazzo Resort Hotel Casino in Las Vegas. They had dinner at Lavo and her pals then surprised her with some Venetian masks, which they wore while eating. After dinner they went to Tao nightclub where they partied in a private skybox with plenty of cake, sparklers and cocktails. Happy Birthday Lauren!

Speidi's Wedding!!!