Monday, November 16, 2009

How to be Famous

In case you wanted Heidi and Spencer's book, you can get it at Barnes&Noble

Playboy Spencer

Looks like Spencer was stoned recently at the Playboy Mansion...wonder where Heidi is? Photo from


The Today Show cancelled Heidi and Spencer's scheduled appearance to promote their new book, How to Be Famous: Our Guide to Looking the Part, Playing the Press, and Becoming a Tabloid Fixture. "Due to a change in the show's schedule, we had to cancel the interview with Spencer and Heidi Pratt," said a rep for the morning show. Wonder if Al Roker had anything to do with that?!

Heidi and Spencer plus 8?!

The married Hills stars dressed as Jon and Kate Gosselin -- and toted a brood of eight! -- on Oct. 29 in L.A. "Halloween is supposed to be about scary costumes. What's scarier than Speidi Plus Eight?" Spencer told Us.

Spencer is considering getting a vasectomy because he really doesn't want to have kids with Heidi! He didn't even tell Heidi that he looked into the "seven-minute procedure," either. You can get all the drama on tonight's episode of The Hills. Spencer said he ended up not going through with it because he "thought it was reversible. Once I found out it wasn't, I left the office." Heidi sure was upset though, "You would have gone and done it right then if you thought it was reversible?" she asks in disbelief. "And then you would have come home and told me 'Hi, honey, I snipped my balls off?' I never lie to you!" This could lead to even more marital drama! Gotta love it!

Last Week

Lo Bosworth, Stephanie Pratt and Lauren Conrad hit the Maxim and Ubisoft launch for Assassin's Creed II in West Hollywood Wednesday. Kristin Cavallari - who is dating Audrina Patridge's other ex, Tal Cooperman - took a coffee break in Beverly Hills Tuesday. Lauren Conrad hit up the launch of Hyde Lounge in L.A. on Friday.

Thursday, October 29, 2009


Here's what our peeps have been doing lately...

Audrina Patridge and Lo Bosworth took a walk in West Hollywood Friday.Audrina Patridge and Lauren "Lo" Bosworth (who won't star in the film adaptation of pal Lauren Conrad's L.A. Candy book) film a scene for "The Hills" at a local café in West Hollywood.Whitney Port visited Indiana University to celebrate Victoria`s Secret PINK Nation B-Town Bash. Lauren Conrad popped by Lucky magazine's Fall 2009 Denim Tour at Chateau Marmont's Bar Marmont in Hollywood Tuesday.

Jail for Stephanie?!

Stephanie Pratt might go to jail! She was formally charged Wednesday with suspicion of driving under the influence, TMZ reports. Her potential sentence: up to six months in jail and a $1000 fine. Pratt was arrested (with $5000 bail) in the early hours of Oct. 18 after leaving castmate Holly Montag's birthday shindig at L.A. club Empire. Two breathalyzer tests registered .08 and .09; the legal limit is .08. On Tuesday, Stephanie tweeted, "inner peace...keeping the faith-its good to be reminded that its all about perspective".

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Lo the Actress?

USMagainze reported today,

Reports that MTV Hills star Lauren "Lo" Bosworth will be headlining the movie adaptation of Lauren Conrad's best-selling novel L.A. Candy couldn't be any further from reality. "I jokingly said, 'Oh, Lo is going to star in it,'" Conrad, 23, told Tuesday at Lucky magazine and Madewell's Fall 2009 Denim Tour in Hollywood. "People reported that Lo was going to star in the movie, and I was totally kidding!" She told Us she is "excited" to be an executive producer. "It's my new hat," she said. "I like hats, and I get to wear lots of them!" She said she never intended for her book to hit the big screen. "I was just hoping that the book did well," she said. "It's a little surreal, but it's cool!"

Life off The Hills "is nice," she said. "I'm a different kind of busy. I have more stress and deadlines at work than I do in my personal life." At work on her third book, she said she hasn't had time to watch the current season of The Hills with Kristin Cavallari. "I barely watched it when I was on it. I have commitment issues with shows," she said. Conrad - who is dating My Boys actor Kyle Howard - added that she'll never star in another show about her personal life. "I closed that door," she said. "We have been talking about some different stuff that's more fashion-related, so we'll see."

As for Stephanie Pratt (who was busted for DUI Oct. 18)? "I just sent her well wishes," Conrad told Us. "She is doing fine."

Real or Fake Boyfriend?

Sounds like Audrina might have a new man! She recently split with BMX racer Corey Bohanand now she has been seen out with model Derek White, who is coincidentally (or not) her ex-boyfriend Justin "Bobby" Brescia's best friend.They were at Breadbar in LA and a source says that "it had a bit of that awkward first-date vibe, but there were definitely sparks." I might put money on this one being staged for the show?! Thoughts?!

Birthday and DUI

Heidi and Spencer did not attend Holly's 26th birthday party because "Heidi only goes places if she is getting paid." An insider continued: "Holly was really wishing that her sister could just be a sister and stop by her birthday party…I mean, this is her sister and she wouldn't even show up without a fee. That's disgusting." Maybe if Speidi would've been there they could've stopped Stephanie from leaving and getting a DUI! (Stephanie was arrested on Sunday morning in Hollywood for a DUI. She was leaving Holly Montag's bday party and she got busted! She was just .01 over California's legal limit of .08 at .09.)

New Dog or Dogs

Spencer and Heidi Pratt doted on their new dog, Coco, at the the STRIKE OC Fall Celebration in Tustin, Calif., Thursday.
Then they took more pics with two other dogs. I guess they have three now?! Dolly (the white one) and Ninja were being taken for a walk in the Hollywood Hills, though, we image that they were really carried most of the time. Heidi told the paparazzi that having the puppies has made her think twice about having children, since these little guys are already such a handful.

Out and About

Audrina Patridge went shoe shopping at Barneys New York in Beverly Hills Wednesday.

Kristin Cavallari was all smiles as she left a Beverly Hills cleaners Tuesday.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Heidi hosts The View

This probably won't come as a shocker, but Spencer and Heidi aren't agreeing on everything these days. The touchy subject, birth control! On The View Thursday, Spencer said he won't sleep with his wife because she keeps trying to get pregnant. "She [says] she is not going to tell me she is going to go off her birth control." Not sleeping with her is "the only thing I can think of in my defense," he said. Montag, 23, insisted she isn't intentionally forgetting to tell him. "I would tell him the truth, but sometimes mistakes happen," she said. "Sometimes you accidentally miss one. It happens." Montag said she wants kids "sooner than later," adding, "My mom was a young mom." But Pratt is so adamant about not wanting them, "He says he wants surgery," Heidi said. She said he "joked" about not wanting kids before they got married, but she never took him seriously. "I thought we would get married and then go to that hurdle -- marriage and then kids at the same time," she said. She said "it's only four months. We're supposed to be in the honeymoon phase." Wow! Looks like this could cause some tension!


This season's salaries have leaked to the media! YEA!
Kristin makes $90,000 PER EPISODE! That is just insane!!! Spencer only makes $65,000 per episode, but don't worry, his wife rakes in close to $100,000. Audrina makes $100,000 and Brody is still making $45,000! These are PER EPISODE!!! So basically Brody got paid $45,000 to go to lunch for Frankie's bday and let MTV film it! There will be 10 episodes in this season, so that is pretty awesome!

p.s Stephanie wants out! "I don't know how much more I can take of The Hills. It is very brutal. … It's not because of Kristin. I was going to stay and see what happens after these 10 episodes, but I just don't think I can stand The Hills anymore." Guess she wasn't getting paid enough!

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

This Week

Ladies' Night!
Carmen Electra, Jenna Dewan, Lo Bosworth and Lauren Conrad bonded at an Alice + Olivia bash in Beverly Hills Thursday.

Audrina's Maxim Moment
Audrina Patridge showed off her sexy Maxim spread at a bash in L.A. Thursday.

Then and Now

Kristin Cavallari
She was a junior in high school when she taped the first season of MTV's Laguna Beach. She clashed with Lauren Conrad as they both vied for Stephen Colletti. She is still stirring up drama: She angered Audrina Patridge after going after Justin Bobby. "It's fun to play the bitch."

When Montag began The Hills in 2006, she was BFFs with Lauren Conrad. She has since ended her friendship with Conrad and wed Spencer Pratt – as well as undergone a nose job and breast implants. Montag, 23, recently told Playboy: "I'm definitely not done with my surgical quest."


During her first season of The Hills in 2006, she dated Spencer Pratt before romancing Justin Bobby and Australian BMX rider Corey Bohan. The aspiring actress, 24 — who's back on with Bohan and leaving The Hills after the sixth season — has surgery rumors. "I'm just losing my babyfat," she told Extra earlier this year.
Jenner (of the 2005 Fox reality show The Princes of Malibu) once romanced Lauren Conrad and Kristin Cavallari. He is now dating Playboy Playmate Jayde Nichole. "Keep an open mind and watch," Jenner, 26, recently told MTV News of The Hills' sixth season.
Before joining The Hills in 2007, Spencer's sister struggled with drugs and later battled bulimia. "I remember saying, 'I can't believe how huge I look walking over to Lauren [Conrad],'" she tells Us. Now healthy and happy, Pratt, 23, has a new outlook on her body: "The more I can stress about being honest, [the better]," she tells Us. "You are as healthy as your secrets."
She made her reality TV debut during her senior year of high school, appearing alongside BFF Lauren Conrad on MTV's Laguna Beach. Bosworth, 23, is still tight with Lauren (they're roommates!) — and graduated UCLA in 2008. She has said she eventually wants her own talk show. Spencer
He executive produced and starred on the 2005 Fox reality show, The Princes of Malibu, with ex-BFF Brody Jenner. A year later, he joined The Hills and met Pratt, 26, wed Heidi Montag in spring 2009. Are kids next? "I'd love children," Montag recently said, "but Spencer doesn't. Hopefully, that will change, though."

L.A. Candy, The Movie!

USMagazine reports, "

Lauren Conrad has snagged a film deal for her debut book, L.A. Candy!!! Temple Hill Entertainment has acquired the screen rights to the novel by the former Hills star, 23, Variety reports. Like Conrad's life, L.A. Candy -- which has been on the New York Times bestseller list for 14 weeks since its June release -- follows a 19-year-old girl named Jane Roberts who moves to Hollywood and finds fame as a reality star. "Lauren, who became an icon in that reality show world, came to us with a structure of how to tell the story in an interesting fashion that was separate and apart from the book," Temple Hill producer Marty Bowen said. "We loved her take. Her book is an honest portrayal of what it must be like to set out to be normal, then sign on to become famous and eventually realize, wow, this isn't at all what I'd planned for myself."
Conrad -- who plans to pen two more books in the series -- will serve as the movie's executive producer.

#3 Most Famous Couple

Spencer Pratt claims he is still more famous than the three Kardashian reality star sibs.

"Speidi is Barack and Michelle famous, not Kardashian famous!" Pratt, 26, tells the New York Post, comparing his relationship with wife Heidi Montag to the Obamas. He later added, "The fact that USA Today said we're the third most famous couple in the world after Brangelina and The Obamas is amazing. I don't care what people say about me. It's cool." Pratt also disses former Hills star Lauren Conrad, whom he says quit the show because "Speidi was getting more famous than her." "Her ego ruined her life and her career -- I pray for her every day and we'd all love for her to come back to The Hills when she realizes her move didn't work," he says of Conrad, who earned $125,000 per episode (and reportedly stipulated that no other star's salary could match hers). "She tried to put MTV over a barrel by demanding more money than God." Like Conrad, Audrina Patridge is making a big mistake leaving The Hills, Pratt says. (Patridge has plans for her own reality show.) "The day she can hold 22 minutes of content with her brain, is the day I'm walking on Mars with no oxygen tank barefoot," he says. "Unfortunately, Audrina will have to wake up from that dream soon!"

LC at Kohl's!

Lauren has her clothes in select Kohl's stores and online! go to to check it out and hopefully order some of her stuff!

Monday, September 28, 2009

The Bitch is Back!

Don't forget to watch The Hills premiere on September 29 at 9 CST!!!! I cannot wait!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


There are rumors going around that LC's boyfriend, actor Kyle Howard, has been ring shopping AND that LC might get that ring by Christmas!!! There are also rumors that MTV wants to sign them on for a newlywed show. "Lauren and Kyle have been approached by MTV executives about starring in their own reality series," claims an insider. "It will be about their romance or possibly even their married life." Wasn't Kyle the reason she quit The Hills?! Hmm, hopefully LC learned something from Nick and Jessica and won't sign on...

New Puppy

Heidi turned 23 yesterday and Spencer bought her a 9-week old maltipoo puppy! Heidi said, "Spencer gave me the best gift ever, a maltipoo puppy that we have named Dolly!" Yes, Dolly as in Dolly Parton! "I'm so excited today is my birthday! Thank you, God, for every moment you have given me and blessing me with my wonderful husband." WOWZER! I guess if you can't have a baby you get a dog! Good luck training her!

Sorority Row

Audrina's movie, Sorority Row, is only estimated to bring in $5 million at the box office opening weekend! That is HORRIBLE considering the movie cost about $16 million!! Will you be seeing Audrina's movie? And what do you think of this creepy picture...

Audrina's Stalker

According to, "Zachory Loring showed up to Patridge's LA home on August 26th, posing as a wine delivery man. When Audrina answered the door, Loring handed her a pile of "photos, cards, drawings and poems he had written," dated September 15th - one of which legal docs say was a drawing of a woman being strangled. Freaky!!!! Loring also offered Audrina a beer which he claimed was from his "family's brewery" and demanded she drink it in front of him!! Zachory showed up again on August 29th, where surveillance video recorded the psycho "talking to himself" in front of Audrina's home for 7 hours. Finally, when Loring showed up on Ceiling Eyes' doorstep for the third time on August 30th, wearing a suit and tie, Audrina speed-dialed 911. Patridge's stalker was arrested by LAPD for trespassing (as well as outstanding warrants for his arrest), but was released the next day on $15,000 bail. Audrina is understandably freaked out by the whole sitch and is in "great fear" Loring may return to her home to harm her. Patridge is currently seeking a restraining order against her alleged stalker."


Check out Audrina on the cover of Maxim! HOTT! The article is pretty funny too! When asked about her last season the The Hills, she responds, “You know, it’s just something that I felt inside. I’m an adult now, and I don’t need all the petty drama and drinking and fighting. I’ve done that, and I’m ready to move on.” And check out what she has to say about her "friends,"“I barely talk to Lauren. We’ll text every now and then, but that’s about it. Heidi, um, keeps asking me to go to Bible study with her.” Awesome!

Fashion Week

Lauren attended fashion week on Wednesday, check out her dress! Glad she can pull off that color.

Fashion Week

Lauren attended fashion week on Wednesday, check out her dress! Glad she can pull off that color.

Plastic Surgery?

So do you think Stephanie has had some work done?!


How does Kristin stay so skinny? She told, "I'll usually have eggs and fruit for breakfast and I try to do a salad with chicken for lunch. I try to eat really healthy." She said she's been so busy promoting The Hills that she can't "sit down and pig out. I'm just on the go so much." But don't worry, she does eat, sometimes. She "always has an energy bar with me, just in case I don't have time to eat, which is so bad. I'm not normally like that. It's only been the past month. I have low energy and I get headaches a lot. I need to be better about it." Cavallari says she's only had time to work out once over the past month. "I did some lunges and push ups in my hotel room [before presenting at the MTV VMAs]," she says. "I've been a little stressed out. It's terrible, but stress can make you lose weight I guess." But don't worry, she does pig out. She admits to splurging on those "little chocolates" that staff leaves in her hotel room while traveling. Puhlease! I need more than those chocolates to call it a splurge!

Most Sylish New Yorkers

Us Weekly is pleased to announce its third annual list of the 25 Most Stylish New Yorkers.

And guess who is on the list...WHITNEY! She said, "I mix my Los Angeles need for that easygoing look with the high-fashion trends that New York sets.” And what is her favortie find? "Grandma’s sequin sweaters!"

Here's the list of the others who will be honored at a bash in the Big Apple this week.
Alicia Keys, Vera Wang, Martha Stewart, Good Morning America's Chris Cuomo
Christie Brinkley, DJ David Berrie, Brooklyn Decker, TV host Andy Cohen, The Real Housewives of New York City, Amber Rose, 30 Rock's Katrina Bowden, Tenjune club owners Mark Birnbaum and Eugene Remm, Designer Catherine Malandrino, Whitney Port, Cobra Starship's Gabe Saporta and Victoria Asher, DJ Cassidy, The View's Sherri Shepherd, DSquared2 designers Dean and Dan Caten, The Beautiful Life's Elle Macpherson and Sara Paxton, Kat DeLuna, Lancome executive Kerry Diamond, Emmy Rossum, Ivanka Trump, Stylist Marni Senofonte, Jamie-Lynn Sigler

Video Music Awards

While all the media might have focused on the Kanye West / Taylor Swift incident, I was focusing on what our ladies were wearing! Here are the details, let me know what you think!

Kristin Cavallari
In a strapless Valentino dress, Rock and Republic heels and House of Lavande jewelry

Lauren "Lo" Bosworth
In a French Connection dress with J. Crew jewelry

Lauren Conrad
In a Diane von Furstenberg print dress and jewelry from Broken English

Whitney Port
In a black-piped mini dress with a bustier top

Speidi's Wedding!!!