Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Preview Special Live With Lauren!

Monday night on MTV there was a preview special for Season 5 of The Hills! Hopefully you guys watched it. If not, here's the link!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Season 5 Trailer!!!

Just to clear up any confusion, The Hills is not over yet! Season 5 starts in a couple of weeks and is rumored to be the Final Season. Check out the trailer, it is AWESOME!!!

Setting the Record Straight

Lauren Conrad wrote on her MySpace that she wanted to clear up some of the rumors going on about her clothing line. She wrote, "A few days ago a statement was released to the showrooms that carry my clothing line. It asked them to let the stores know that I was planning to take a couple seasons off from my line so that I could make some changes that I felt were necessary. As a result, a lot of people were under the impression that my line was being discontinued or had been dropped. This isn't the case at all. The truth is, I was the one who asked to take a couple seasons off. I have learned so much in the past year and I want to apply that to the improvement of my clothing line. I also wanted to make some changes in production so I would be able to lower the price point. That being said, I am actually really excited about beginning this process." Guess that answers my economy question! Lauren has been working really hard on new designs for the spring, "which is when I am planning to bring the (new and improved) line back." She also made a big announcement that she has some "very exciting things going on that will be announced shortly." Guess we'll have to wait and see what that is?! Engagement, Season 6 of The Hills, maybe a makeup line?! Oh goodie!

Down Under

Audrina is in Australia this week for the 2009 Vodafone Australian MTV Awards. Audrina will be helping Amber Peebles with the show's red carpet hosting duties. Enjoy the pic of Audrina with Pete Wentz.

Heidi's new album!

Get excited! Heidi's album is coming soon! She told press, “My album is coming out before the summer and my first single is coming out in a few weeks. Cathy writes for Britney and Katy Perry so I’m pretty excited.” How excited are you?!

L.A. Lakers

Heidi and Spencer enjoyed some NBA Basketball and paparazzi pictures on March 19th. I wonder how they got the seats behind the camera guy? I also wonder if they even know what is going on...at least Spencer looks like he could be a great candidate to learn the Hog Call!

Lauren Conrad in Limbo

Looks like Lauren Conrad's clothing line is in Limbo. A rep for the line said, “In light of the economic climate, Lauren has decided to completely rethink her line. Lauren is going to revamp her line and design with more high-end fabrics . . . things she couldn't do the first time around.” I think I am confused by this comment. Is she saying because the economy is so crappy she should use more expensive fabrics and make the clothes even more expensive?! Maybe she is saying because the economy is so crappy she can get higher-end fabrics for cheaper and pass along the savings to her customers?! Either way, I am confused...

International Women's Month

Whitney celebrated International Women's Month at a Diane Von Furstenberg and Elle’s Celebration event. Do you think Whit looks cute? I think she looks really tired!

Whitney's new man?

According to OK! magazine sources, Miss Port and the “Lipstick Jungle” hunk, Robert Buckley, hosted the Havaianas Spring Break event at the Shore Club - where they “hit it off, getting very friendly and canoodling throughout the afternoon. They were really cute with each other!” I wonder if Whit and Bobby with get together?!

Whitney and Jay Split

USWeekly reported last week that Whitney and Jay are no longer together.

The producer of The Hills reported that "Whitney and Jay are broken up as of The City season finale. There were a few factors in their relationship that led to their split and fans saw those play out on-air. As we pick up where we left off when the show returns later this year, viewers will see what unfolds as we continue to tell Whitney’s story.”

Whitney also told press that "it’s really difficult. Put yourself in this position. It’s hard to have an intimate relationship no matter what, whether there are cameras there or not, so it’s not the most natural thing. It kind of speeds [the relationship] up. It takes a lot of the spontaneity out of it.”

We'll see how long it takes Whit to find a new man!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Audrina's OWN show

Looks like reality star executive producer Mark Burnett loves him some Audrina. He loves her so much that he is creating a reality show for Audrina and will let Audrina help produce it! (for those who don't know Mark Burnett he currently produces Survivor and The Apprentice)

The show will follow Audrina's personal and professional life. "We are truly pleased to have the chance to work with Audrina," Burnett told The Hollywood Reporter. "She has already proved her star quality, and we can't wait to show her fans worldwide the next stage of her life and career." I'm not sure I'll be watching her show, will you?

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Spedi Returns

It seems like we haven't seen much of Speidi lately, but they were out in full-paparazzi stalking force this weekend. They started at In-N-Out Burger, which happens to be one of my favorites! After lunch they went shopping, big surprise! They finished the day at the RECORDING studio! OH MY GOSH! I sure hope she comes out with another awesome song and even sweeter video!!!

Love Life

In a USWeekly "Around the Watercooler" Poll, it asks, "Whose love life would you rather have, Lauren's or Whitney's? Click here to see the results!

Win Season 4 DVD!

You could win season 4 dvd from US Weekly! Be sure to enter the contest today! Contest ends March 17th.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Happy Birthday Barbie!

Monday night stars were in Malibu celebrating Barbie's 50th birthday. Lo and Lauren were there and they partied it up with celebs like Heidi Klum and Ginnifer Goodwin.

Monday, March 9, 2009

After The Hills

So what will everyone do after this final season of The Hills?

Lauren- She will wear white shirts and small prints because they don't look good on tv and she's ready to wear them! She'll continue to pursue her fashion dream.

Lo- "I want to do TV hosting. Something like The View, but with younger girls." Currently Lo is working on a kids' book with her sister and reviewing hotels and restaurants for the website PocketChangeLA.com

Speidi- Heidi says, "When one door closes, another door opens." Sounds like she's looking for a spinoff. Spencer says, "We're good to go." Currently Heidi is an aspiring singer working with songwriter Cathy Dennis who is famous for "I Kissed a Girl" and "Toxic." We'll see where that goes...

Audrina- Stars in the October horror film Sorority Row and action flick Into the Blue 2: The Reef will be available on DVD in April. She's also working on denim and jewelry lines.

Brody- Brody wants everyone to know that he is more than "just a guy who was on The Hills giving Lauren Conrad some advice." He accomplished this with his own MTV Show Bromance. He is still involved in his jewelry line, Archangel, too.

Stephen's new girl

Stephen Colletti,23, is again daing Hayden Panettiere,19! Hayden had recently broken up with her Heros boyfriend, Milo Ventimiglia, 31. Stephen and Hayden dated for over a year in 2006-2007 and they were very affectionate on their February 27 date. I'm excited to see some Stephen!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Seventeen Cover

Lauren is on the cover of Seventeen Magazine for April 2009. In the article she opens up about Season 5 of the hills and why she's happy to be leaving the show. "My biggest thing with the show was that I wanted to walk away from it while it’s still a great thing. I always want to remember it that way. I gave MTV a deadline and said, ‘This is as long as I can do it and stay sane,' ” Good luck Lauren! I bet Speidi will take over now!

Dinner alone?

Audrina went to a swanky dinner out at katsu-ya restaurant and was looking sexy (I guess). She wore tall black leather books and a black mini-dress. I wonder who she had dinner with? Surely she wasn't alone?

Wedding Present

Heidi gave Spencer an early wedding present last week, a 1968 Chevrolet Camero Supersport complete with a red bow on top. And don't forget that Heidi and Spencer's "real" wedding will be featured during Season 5 of The Hills. Get excited, or something...

Doug's New Lady

LC's friend Doug is now dating PARIS HILTON! He and Paris showed up to Whitney's birthday party and then made out the rest of the night! Guess it didn't take Doug long to get over his breakup with Amanda Bynes. and here's another picture to prove this is really Paris he's making out with.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Whitney's BDAY!

Whitney turned 24 yesterday (March 4)! She started her bday off a night early with dinner with her boyfriend Jay Lyon at STK. Then last night she had a birthday bash at El Compadre Mexican Restaurant with friends. Happy Birthday Whit!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Last Season

Lauren Conrad confirmed that Season 5 of The Hills will be her last. She said, “My biggest thing with the show was that I wanted to walk away from it while it’s still a great thing. I always want to remember it that way. I gave MTV a deadline and said, ‘This is as long as I can do it and stay sane.’”

More Season 5 Filming

LC, Lauren and Audrina met up for lunch and filming for Season 5 of The Hills on Saturday. Not so sure about Audrina's outfit.

Hawaii Vacation

The Hills cast and crew headed to Hawaii in mid-February for a change of scenery! Lauren, Lo, Audrina, Stephanie, Brody and the gang (no Heidi and Spencer though). Here's a pic of Audrina and Stephanie enjoying some time on the beach in Hawaii. I wish I had a reality tv show that sent me to Hawaii...

L.A. Candy

According to People.com Lauren revealed details about her "novel" L.A. Candy. Lauren said the book is "loosely inspired" by her own experience – follows the story of 19-year-old girl named Jane Roberts "who moves to L.A. and unexpectedly becomes the star of a reality television show." In the book Jane's best friend is named Scarlett. This is the first book in a three-book series that you can get on June 16!!! "Some of the characters may symbolize people in my life," writes Conrad, who has gone through a multitude of drama on the MTV series, "but it is in no way calling anyone out." Adds the star, "I've always loved books that I could lose myself in, ones that would transport me to another place, but had characters I could relate to. So, I'm so excited to have this opportunity to write books like that for other readers." Anyone going to buy this best seller?!

Audrina was Robbed

One week ago Audrina's home was robbed on Oscar night. Audrina wasn't home, but released this security footage in hopes of finding the robbers. "If you have any information regarding the break-in or recognize either of these people please contact (213) 972-2971," says Audrina's blog. I want to call her and tell her she is a "grown up" and shouldn't still have icicle lights up on the inside of your house in late February!!!

Speidi's Wedding!!!